About Jeff & Brandy

Jeff and Brandy’s story begins the winter of 2001 in Whistler, a few years before they started dating. It involves drunken boys, a potato gun, interrupted sleep and a camera.

One snowy weekend Shawn had some friends up from the city to visit and one of those friends was Jeff – Shawn was Brandy’s roommate at the time. It was a Saturday night and the boys were busy in the village closing down the bars, meanwhile Brandy was home, peacefully sleeping as she had to work early the next morning. That was until the boys stumbled home…

Jeff had been yelled at by a crazy sleep-depraved chick, and Brandy had photos of a perfect stranger.

First it was the sound of the potato gun firing off the deck, and then it was the clinking of beers at their job well done, when Brandy took to the landing above the party. “Shut the f@ck up!” she yelled, then stomped back to bed, a scary sight for sure. Jeff took it in stride though and proceeded to take photos of himself with Brandy’s camera. So ends their first meeting, Jeff had been yelled at by a crazy sleep-depraved chick, and Brandy had photos of a perfect stranger.

Their second meeting again happened in Whistler, this time it was Canada Day 2002 and both of them were out enjoying the holiday with the same group of mutual friends. They chatted over beers about life and design and realized they had a lot in common, but alas it was not yet meant to be, Brandy was seeing someone else.

So again they parted ways, but they had made a lasting impression on each other after great conversation and tons of laughs. Jeff also made mention to Shawn that “She’s so cute, I just want to put her in my pocket and bring her home.”

She’s so cute, I just want to put her in my pocket and bring her home.

Another year would pass before they would meet up again, this time in Vancouver.

Shawn had moved to the city by now, so Brandy was visiting with him. There was a BBQ happening at a friend’s house so Shawn thought to call Jeff, remembering that Jeff had wanted to bring Brandy home in his pocket the summer before.

Jeff and Brandy flirted, laughed and had a great time catching up, but at the end of the night Jeff left without asking Brandy’s phone number. The next morning Brandy was on Shawn’s computer when she noticed Jeff online. She decided to be brave and ask Jeff if he would like to get together sometime in the coming weeks. Jeff thought Shawn was pulling a fast one on him, and told Brandy to beat it and stop messing around. After convincing Jeff she was truly who she said she was, he agreed to meet up soon.

Soon ended up being a few days later in Whistler, where they shared their first kiss and started dating shortly after. But, of course there was one more obstacle in their way, Brandy had enrolled in school in Ottawa and was leaving in a month. They talked a lot about what they should do and how they would meet up again next summer, she would come back during the months off from school. And at the end of August Brandy boarded a plane to Ottawa, but they promised to see each other soon, Jeff was from Ottawa maybe he could come home for a visit. They tried long distance for 3 months but after one visit back to Ottawa for a wedding, Jeff decided to take the plunge and move in with Brandy. Six years later Jeff asked Brandy to marry him on beach vacation in Delaware, but that is another story…