Well This Took Awhile


23rd Nov 2010

Well The Waterfalls is finally up, I hope you all like it. It only took 6 months of on-and-off tinkering to get it launched. There were times I thought I’d never get it done, but with some hard work, and persistent nagging from Brandy, it’s finally done!

The big background you see is an illustration I created of Bethany Beach where Brandy and I are getting married. We wanted to give the site a beach feel cause we both love nothing more than lounging in the sand by the water. Brandy and I are both into vintage-style design, so (I hope) the typography and style reflect that.

My favorite page is the error page, I think it conveys how our (and most couple’s) relationship can work. We don’t take ourselves too seriously most of the time, so it seemed perfect.

If you’re wondering how I came to create all this, like most good ideas, it all started in the sketch book:

The Waterfalls Sketches

Some initial sketches of TheWaterfalls

TheWaterfalls.ca is a WordPress driven site using a completely custom theme, with lots of creative tweaking to get the dual journal feeds working properly. WordPress can be a real pain in the ass to work with, but as I’m more of a designer than developer, it’s a little more intuitive for me to use.

It’s still a work in progress and will be ever changing, so feel free to check back anytime to see what’s new! Thanks – over and out.

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  1. Nice website Jeff. I really like the water colour feel of the background.

  2. Love the website you two! Miss you guys! B

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