Creating Homemade Christmas Cards


17th Nov 2014

Every year I create custom Christmas cards to give to all the people we love because it’s a great tradition and I love it. In the last decade or so I have noticed a big decline in the amount of cards we personally receive, because ECards have become a new and easier tradition for some folks which I can totally understand but in my opinion they can’t replace going to the mailbox and finding a handwritten card from a loved one. I thought this year I would share some photos of the process I go through to create my cards, which also involves listening to Christmas music to get inspired and in the mood.

My first step is to find photos to get the creative juices flowing, usually a theme starts to present itself as I’m sorting through the photos and pinning them onto my corkboard and Pinterest Holiday board .

Christmas Inspiration, Christmas

Next up is doing some good old fashioned brainstorming with pencil and paper. I’ll listen to Christmas music to pull ideas out and write them down to refer.

Brainstorming, Creative Process

Another great tool I use is to just get outside and go for a walk in my neighborhood. This year I gathered some branches and pinecones to bring home and sketch.

Christmas Inspiration

After gathering a bunch of ideas, I start sketching and working out the typography.

sketching, typography, Christmas


sketching, typography, Christmas


sketching, typography, Christmas

I’m running a little behind because I’m still learning how to make my sketches into digital files so I can print them off, but I am hoping to get the finished results up soon and if you are interested in buying some of my cards let me know in the comments below.

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  1. We look forward to receiving your Christmas card every year. They’re always so pretty and unique. I will buy some cards to send to my pot luck friends. Have you thought of printing up some gift tags?

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