In My Neighborhood: Gossip Party in Vancouver with Lainey Gossip


29th Sep 2011

Lainey Gossip & Me

Last night I went to the first ever Gossip Party held in Vancouver, featuring Lainey Gossip herself!  It was a really fun event to people watch and mingle the racks at French Connection on Robson St, not to mention the yummy open bar.  Lainey also had a gossip session where she revealed some of her blind items on her blog, which was great to finally hear some answers to her riddles (I got a few right!).  I also called the Best Dressed of the Night (dude looked like he was at a polo match-it was awesome), and I wish I had taken more photos of the guests in attendance because some people really went all out with their hair, make-up and outfits, next time I promise to not be so starstruck.

My girlfriend Nikie (bless her), made me go up and talk to Lainey (I was a nervous nelly because I respect her writing styles and blog so much), and I am so happy she did because not only did I get to thank her in person for giving me a Smutty Shout -Out, but I also nabbed a photo opt with her!  I still get all choked up reading her shout out because I remember how sad I was at the time about our venue burning down and how it made me feel special and happy in a moment of low, so thanks again Lainey you rock!

Lainey promises that there will be another Gossip Party here in Vancouver, so I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything.

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  1. Celebrity Brandy! Looks like you were having a great time.

  2. I wish I could have gone, it looks like so much fun! Can you tell us what blind items she revealed?

  3. Hi Mary, Lainey definitely dished a lot and I can remember a few of her riddle answers. How about I give you a couple nicknames from some of her more recent ones A-Rod & Taupe.

  4. Please reveal some blind items that you can remember! It is your duty as a good gossip citizen!


  5. Hi Siobhan, I did give some hints…next time i promise to bring a pen & paper to grab more details!

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