A Birthday Wish


23rd Jul 2013

This year I celebrated my 36th birthday and it brought me back to my 35th birthday where I blew out my candles wishing to be a Mom. Who knew that in the next couple of weeks my wish would come true and our little Waterfall would be on her way to joining us, making us a family of 3. How much a year can change you, uproot your whole being and bring you someone so precious and wonderful, yes this is a new kind of love.

This year I decided to keep my birthday simple, I think after such a BIG year I need to settle into my new role and focus on the present moment as much as possible. There was no big party instead I visited with a few good friends, went to the local farmers market to pick up a yummy beach picnic and had dinner at home with my family followed by a wonderful chocolate raspberry cake made by my ridiculously talented sister-in-law Ellie.

Cheers to another beautiful year rich with new memories and good belly laughs with family & friends!


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  1. A very special birthday! xoxo

  2. Aww love you Brandy! What a beauty family you have :)
    Miss you!!

  3. Yes this is a wondrous year and the gratitude you express in being a family is really what it is all about. I wish you a wonderful 36th year and may you be blessed by good health, sleeping through out the night and effortless teething. Hugs to you all!

  4. Lovely post!

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