A Walk in the Fog


23rd Oct 2013

maple leaf

Dew drops hanging on to some maple leaves

lady & dog walking

A lady walks her dog through the misty park at Jericho Beach.

spider web

The spider webs were spectacular covered with heavy dew drops, like nets cast over the foliage.

street view in Kitsilano

Trees arch across the street creating tunnels, leaves fall gently to their resting spots and it’s magical.

house in Kitsilano

Sit down and enjoy the foggy scene.

3 Responses

  1. OoOOo foggy. Kids are gonna be up to no good on Halloween in the fog.

  2. Love the spider web shot

  3. Wonderful shots, very poetic.
    Love the peaceful quality of the light in the bench pic. Nice work Brandy.

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