Photos: Amanda Kerr’s Twilight Photo Walk


17th Oct 2011

Images taken from my class!

Last Friday evening I headed down to Granville Island to enjoy an evening learning how to shoot photos at night with professional photographer Amanda Kerr.  I discovered her class through Groupon last spring and since then she has sold approximately 1400 classes – wow that’s the power of Groupon!

The class was great and I would highly recommend it if you are looking to learn more about your camera and using manual functions.  I would also say that a basic knowledge of how to use a digital SLR camera would be helpful so you get the most out of the class.  I was pretty amazed with the amount of knowledge Amanda has and her teaching method was relaxed, understandable and friendly – I felt comfortable asking questions.

Now all I need is get out there and practice what I learned, so I can keep improving my skills.  I find it really rewarding get a good photo and also knowing my camera so I can get the shots I’m looking for.

To see more of Amanda’s work and find out more information about her services check out her website here.

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  1. Seeing as how I can’t possibly take her classes…perhaps her student, you, can teach me sometime! I really want to know how to take night pictures with my camera!
    Love ya! Mom :)

  2. Oh yeah, your pictures are amazing…one class??? But we all know you are very talented anyhow. It would take me a lot more than one class to achieve that result!

  3. I could definitely show you some techniques I learned, but let me get some more practice in first :)
    I think you would be surprised with your results if you took her class, maybe on your next trip here we could schedule you in!

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