April Wallpaper: Magnolias & Sunshine


3rd Apr 2012

Don’t you love logging onto your computer and having a wonderful and inspiring photo?  I always have one and gives me a nice little pick me up just when I need it, so I thought I would share one of my favorite photos I took on a beautiful warm spring day last weekend.  It had been raining for a week straight here in Vancouver but when sun came out it was like magic, all the flowers opened up and reached for the sky and sunshine.

After a long grey winter spent at home hidden away recharging for another season, spring for me is a time to reconnect with friends and family and get outside.  Like the flowers blooming, I’m stretching my arms and opening my heart up towards the sunshine.

I hope you enjoy the desktop reminder!

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4 Responses

  1. Guess what’s now on my desktop at work? What a great reminder to keep perspective during my cubicleland day job. Thanks for sharing from one of your BFTH coursemates.

  2. Thanks Brandy! I love it and will be putting it on my computer when I get home. xo

  3. That makes me so happy, glad you enjoy Karen!

  4. Gorgeous! Downloaded and on my desktop….THANK YOU! :)

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