BOO-tiful Halloween Decor


28th Oct 2014


Over the weekend I added some Halloween decorations around our apartment and decided to make a quick and easy BOO BOO BOO to go over our fireplace. This DIY was dead simple, I grabbed some black, orange and white paper and created a B and O letter template by hand on some sketch paper and after figuring out the size I wanted for the letters, I cut them out and played around with the layout until I was happy.

Don’t have time to carve your pumpkins, just grab some masks and hats to turn your pumpkins into instant fun characters.

 I find adding some natural elements like pinecones helps bring that autumn feeling into my decorating. Do you have any tricks or treats up your Halloween decorating sleeves?



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  1. Baaa…now I really feel sad that I won’t be there to celebrate Hallowe’en and my birthday. You’ll have to take LOTS of photos of our sweetpea in her costume.

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