Book Love: The Night Circus


8th Nov 2011

The circus arrives without warning.

This is how the story of The Night Circus begins and I knew with that first sentence that I was already hooked. Erin Morgenstern has created a magical, mysterious and enchanting world within the black and white striped tents that is Le Cirque des Reves (Circus of Dreams).

The story begins by unraveling slowly and carefully, giving you bits of knowledge at a time and introducing the multitude characters, so be patient with it, I promise it is worth it.  I found the world Erin has created to be detailed and elaborate, sometimes I got lost within the words while trying to figure out a) what was going on & b) what does this truly look like in her mind?  Hopefully it will translate better on the movie screen, because this book will definitely be made into a movie at some point and I think it just needs a bit of work to gel the complex bits together, so you can truly make out what Erin is trying to capture – because it is a great idea and story.

The two main characters Celia & Marco are complex and I never knew exactly how their stories would enfold, but I was definitely routing for them to be happy because their worlds seemed so confusing and frustrating for so long, not to mention the fact that they were being used since childhood to play out some twisted game that neither of them could understand for years on end, and that would drive anyone mad and force them to have serious trust issues.

Without giving too much away, I’d have to say that some of my favorite bits are the cloud maze, Marco’s imaginary world of paper he creates for Celia, the Ice Garden and the Wishing Tree.  My favorite characters are Bailey, Poppet & Widget, I really wanted to know more about their stories after I finished the book – maybe a spin off?  Perhaps a prequel too to dig deeper into Tsukiko history and her involvement in the game.

If you are looking to escape from your regular world and spend some time imagining a world full of magic and wonder, I would highly recommend adding The Night Circus to your reading list, I bought it in hardcover so I can return to the circus whenever I desire and escape into a world of black and white illusions with my red scarf.

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  1. I’m in the middle of reading it now and I can’t put it down!
    Now I know the significance of your red scarf…nice touch, you clever girl!

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