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12th Sep 2014

I went on a magical and relaxing 5 night trip to Robert’s Creek on the Sunshine Coast. The house we rented had this wonderfully landscaped and traditionally decorated beach house that you would think came out of the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe series. Every morning I would get up early, before everyone else to enjoy a cup of coffee while I sat watching the sunrise on the wrap around porch, I was in heaven. I had also purchased a new book to enjoy (in print, a luxury for me now that I try to read on an iPad), called Wildwood by Colin Meloy and it was the perfect fit for this house and trip spent with our good friends where we played boardgames, enjoyed the quiet and beach, and had meaningful conversations around the table and on the wrap around porch.

Wildwood is set in Portland, Oregan well it’s truly set in the Impassible Wilderness beyond the Industrial Wastelands of Portland where young 12 year old Prue and her new found friend Curtis find themselves stumbling into a world filled with talking animals and political unrest after her baby brother Mac is abducted by a murder of crows. Somehow this house we had rented just felt right to read this book, because it also had magical secrets hidden within it’s beautiful wonderland of green gardens.

I have already finished Wildwood and I’m onto the next book in the series called Under Wildwood and I highly recommend this book series if you are looking for a fun fantasy novel that let’s you escape into a world full of magic where your imagination can be exercised.

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  1. Brandy, your photos are lovely (as always) and you have captured the spirit of the garden of the house you rented…it looks a quite whimsical. I am so glad that you had a good time. The Sunshine Coast is a place we would love to visit with you sometimes. I will look for Wildwood next time I am at Chapters. Missing all of you very much. xo

  2. Thanks Nicki, the house was a wonderful find by Jeff. We should definitely go back there with you and Richard, the house has more than enough room for us all and the beach was just a walk across the street. Miss you too xx

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