Music: Christmas Tree Mix


2nd Dec 2011

Happy Friday all!

It’s my favorite time of year CHRISTMAS TIME and this weekend Jeff and I will head out to our local Christmas Tree Lot to pick out that special tree that will come home with us!  We like to support local businesses when possible and every year since we discovered it, we have gone to a Family run tree Lot on Arbutus & 8th Ave (right next to Rogers Video), they always have fresh trees and great service.

To get you into the holiday tree decorating mood, here is a mix of some of my favorite Christmas tunes.  I tried to choose some old classics as well as some new I have found and love.  I will also include some links to the albums, so you can find them if you like and add them to your holiday collection.

Enjoy decorating, I know I will!


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  1. We have a problem, there’s a glaring lack of Grinch Theme on this playlist. Please remedy.


  2. You are so right! I have updated it just for you. B

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