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7th Nov 2011

Mr Jack o Lantern

I decided this year that instead of throwing out my poor Jack o Lantern after Halloween, that I would save him from the compost pile and puree him to eat.  Now I must admit to not being the biggest fan of pumpkin, but I’m going to attempt a few recipes and see if I can’t find something yummy along the way, after all it is such a waste to throw away a whole pumpkin and only eat the seeds – I always roast them, it’s a Halloween tradition started by my Mom.

First recipe I found was in my vegan cookbook The Kind Life by Alicia Silverstone, and it was a pumpkin bread and you can follow the link here to get it. Also just to note her recipe can be modified slightly to be less vegan, for example I used eggs and substituted the vegan sugar and chocolate/carob chips with brown rice syrup and cranberries and I cut the recipe in half because I didn’t want to bake two loaves in case we didn’t like it.

Now before I got started on the bread part, I needed to puree all that pumpkin, so the night before I cut the pumpkin into manageable chunks and laid them on a roasting pan plain, no olive oil necessary (because you just want to cook not caramelize them) and I cooked them for about an hour at 350 degrees.  Then I let the chunks cool overnight in the fridge and this is where I think I should have used some cheesecloth to allow any excess water drain out of the pumpkin chunks, because when I baked my bread it came out too moist in the middle.  It probably didn’t help that my oven isn’t the greatest, so I also might cook that recipe in a muffin tin next time too.

All and all it turned out good, and I would use that recipe again

Does anyone out there have any great pumpkin recipes to share?  I would love to hear any suggestions because I have quite a bit of pumpkin to eat up still!

Pumpkin Bread




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