Dare 2014


8th Jan 2014

This year I’m daring greatly.

I dare myself to do better and be kinder, by following the golden rule, and treating people the way I would like to be treated.

I dare myself to dream bigger and then to take small steps towards those dreams so they can be realized.

I dare myself to live in the present, to enjoy the small and big moments of the day.

I dare myself to go outside my comfort zone in order to learn and grow, and embrace the fear of failure rather than run from it.

I dare myself to be more gentle and more forgiving with myself and others, especially when things get messy or uncomfortable.

I dare myself to be vulnerable and get into the arena, rather than daydreaming and wishing.

Did you choose a word to be your guide for 2014? Last year I picked Embrace, it was a good fit for a new Mom, a daily reminder to enjoy the moment and this precious time  with our Sweet Pea.

This year I want to show up and make things happen so the word Dare seems appropriate and hopefully it will challenge me. I don’t really do resolutions because like most people I’m great at the beginning and then slowly I just abandon them all and then feel bad. A word is more of a guide along the path, something to keep in mind throughout the year.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope this new year treats you well.


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  1. I really like this post Brandy, your resolutions are thoughtful. It got me thinking about what I would like for 2014. I had no idea what word would be meaningful for me but as I was browsing through the Pottery Barn website to see what was new for spring, a pillow with printing on it, caught my eye and I decided that I had found my word for 2014. “Inspire: to fill with desire, confidence, or enthusiasm to do something well.” I want to feel inspired to start new projects and to complete some of the ones that I started last year, to move beyond the dreaming and planning stage to the actual doing.

  2. That’s great word Nicole and I think the hardest part of any project or idea is putting it into motion and then finishing it. The satisfaction that comes with seeing an idea through is well worth the effort though. Did you buy the pillow to be a nice little reminder and guide?

  3. Lovely choice! How funny, my word for 2014 is Embrace. Can’t wait to see where daring to be kinder, daring to challenge yourself, daring yourself to live the fullest life possible takes you, Brandy! Happy New Year, indeed.

  4. Not yet but I’m thinking of treating myself. Check it out on my Pinterest board.

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