DIY: 2012 Visual Journal


17th Jan 2012

I have been finding quiet moments to work on my visual journal for 2012.  It helps me focus on what I would like to work on for the next year while giving me a helpful reminder in six months of those goals, dreams, and thoughts to look back.

So what exactly is a visual journal, well it’s a way to put your goals, ideas, dreams, etc. for the new year on paper by using imagery with photos, magazine cutouts, words, or inspirational phrases and then writing your own thoughts down alongside – the photos and words help give you a off starting point,

For me writing and visualizing through photos gives weight to my thoughts while forcing me to actually stop and think about the year ahead instead of everything just flying by in a blur.  Creating your visual journal can be as labor intensive as you want, maybe only use images and some key phases to capture a goal or intention or you go all out drawing, doodling, decorating and adding more details/ideas to your book when creativity sparks.  I also try to be gentle on myself and allow more than the beginning of January to get my journal done, sometimes we get so energized on January 1st and have all these intentions, that when the reality of back to work and regular life hits after the holidays, we lose traction on New Year resolutions and give up before the year has even gotten under way – sound familiar?

There is still lots of time to create your own visual journal and to be honest they can be done any time of the year when you want to visualize some goals; mood boards work year round too and are a great way to brainstorm a new season or craft idea – so have fun with it!

Visual Journal Supplies

  • Old magazines you don’t mind cutting up (I save clippings that grab my attention and they come in handy for projects like this)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Twine/Ribbon/String/Yarn (anything to tie your journal together)
  • Hole Punch (you could also use a regular 3 hole punch, just consider the size of your book first)
  • Pencils Crayons/Markers/Favorite Pen/Watercolours/Paint/Pastels (use your imagination here to add personal details)
  • White Paper (a heavier stock makes it easier to work with you could also go for coloured paper too, skies the limit)


2 Responses

  1. What a great idea – we use this therapeutically as a tool to record and reminice (sp) on an older person’s life accomplishments. To do want future oriented is a fun and creative way to do goals and objectives – The left brain in this old therapist gets scared sh– less even having to activate that right side of her brain LOL – I remember clearly a poster I had on my office wall in ON
    “a goal with out a deadline is just a dream” – somehow I doubt you are putting any dates on your visual calendar – good for you!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a little love. And I’m so glad you did! Thank you for your wonderful comments.
    Our blogroll is quite extensive at the moment and I haven’t had much time to sift through everything so I’m glad you popped by. Had time to read through yours and I love it! I love the feel of it, the labelling, colours, the general vibe it gives off and I especially love its name. :)

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