DIY: Advent Calendar


5th Dec 2011

Last year I decided that wanted to make a homemade advent calendar for Christmas, but I never had a chance to get around to it.  I wanted to do something a bit different and not too labor intensive because I have seen a lot of interesting crafts I want to tackle and often I can get a little too ambitious.  After seeing lots of ideas for salt dough on Pinterest, I thought that it could be a good medium to work with, so here it is!

Christmas Advent Calendar

Supplies to Make Your Own Advent Calendar:

Salt Dough Recipe:

  • 1 cup white flour
  • 1/2 cup fine salt
  • 1/2 luke warm water

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees

  1. Mix the flour & salt in a bowl first, making sure to mix it well then add water.  I used a bit more water so the dough rolled out smooth, but for a more rustic look use less – it will crack the dough a bit when drying.
  2. I rolled my dough out fairly thin, about 1/4″ or less.  Then I used a shot glass to create the circles (tip use a toothpick to remove dough from inside of glass or gently tap on side for it to release).
  3. Once all 23 circles were done and my special 1 day left until Christmas star, I then made holes at the top to put the string through later, I used the end of a small paint brush because a toothpick would create too small of a hole to string it after.  While I was creating the holes I also smoothed the edges of the dough cut-outs with my finger to get rid of the rough edge, again leave the edge rough if you want a more vintage look.
  4. Lastly I put the numbers on with black ink and a gentle press, as best I could, so you don’t get added ink from your stamp on the dough.
  5. Put them all on a cookie sheet and into the oven for 2 hours at 200 degrees, you want the dough to dry not bake.  Also if  you want the back side to whiten more, flip them over in the last half an hour.

Once the dough was dry (I let them sit overnight), I used my red & white twine to string each number.  After that I grabbed my wooden crate, measured out the red & brown twine and looped each end so I could take them off easily each day to turn a number.  Once I had all four strings done with the numbers on (I put 6 per string) I measured out the distance I wanted between each row, make sure you do this so the bottom row doesn’t end up touching the bottom of the crate.  Lastly before I hammered in the push pins and put up the numbers, I decorated the inside of the crate with the LED starry lights – magic.

Only 20 days left until Christmas Day, and I’m loving counting down the days!  Added bonus, if you have a sweet tooth you could always buy some yummy chocolates, put them in a pretty bowl and enjoy one each day until Christmas.

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  1. Great idea Brandy! I love that you made the numbers out of salt dough! Very cool!

  2. Super cute and crafty!! You are a mini Martha Stewart with out the record!

  3. Love Heathers response. Yes you are “mini” without the “wealth” of Martha Stewart. But you are indeed mini (only in stature) and possess wealth in so many ways that money can’t provide. Love that my daughter is so artistic and full of brillant ideas. Thanks for sharing with your family and friends!
    Love, Mom :)

  4. When does your TV show on HGTV start- I want to program it into my DVR :)

  5. It turned out very well Brandy… still think you need chocolates for Jeff ; ) xo

  6. Super cute idea. Pinterest is the best site for crafty ideas!

  7. Super cute indeed! Love… and I can’t wait to pull out my decor and put up my twisted garland that my 2010 secret santa sent me. :)

  8. Thank you for sharing, I love this idea. I have created a round-up of all my favorite Advent calendars and I have added yours! You can check it out here If you would like me to remove your feature please let me know and I will take it down right away. Oh, and please stop by and grab a feature button and wear it proudly! You deserve it!

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