DIY Christmas Advent


27th Nov 2015

It’s almost December and that means it is time to break out the Advent calendar to start counting down to the big day! Are you looking to create your own Advent calendar to fill up with fun daily treats, because this is the weekend to get it all ready to go before December 1st.

This year I wanted to get an Etsy shop open in time for the holidays, but I’ve been so busy doing freelance work that there just wasn’t enough time in the day to get the shop up in time. But that didn’t stop me from working on my own DIY Advent Calendar to kick off the holiday season. It’s no secret that Christmas is my favorite time of year to create fun new projects to decorate my home.

In the fall my sister-in-law asked me to help create a cute design for her bakery’s limited edition Christmas Advent, so I set to work to create the numbers for each day. It was a labour of love and I was so happy with how they turned out I decided to add them to my own Advent calendar. FIY if you are still looking for a calendar mine is available for purchase, just leave a message below if you are interested. Each day features a winter scene on the sides that I personally photographed and of course the hand drawn numbers I did for Cadeaux.

BONUS if you are a foodie, love tasty treats and don’t feel like making a calendar, Cadeaux Bakery is selling a wonderful Advent to celebrate the holiday season. Call or drop into Cadeaux Bakery to pick up yours up before they sell out!

Happy (almost) Holidays!

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  1. As always, you are very artistic and thinking outside of the box! Love your advent calendar! Wish I was there to open at least one of them! Love you!

  2. This is so lovely. How many US dollars would you like for it?

  3. This is gorgeous! I love the printed photos, they look great.

  4. Thanks Lisa!

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