DIY : Fabric Letters


31st Mar 2014

homemade letters

Our Sweet Pea has a beautiful handmade quilt from her Grandma Nicole and there was some leftover fabric that she so kindly gave to me to create some other fun decorations with, so I wanted to use the leftover fabric to make the letters of our daughter’s first and middle name. They turned out beautifully and my only hiccup was the fabric didn’t hold a stitch as well as the felt backing, so giving the letters to Sweet Pea would result in pulled stitches and no more cute letters.

Supplies & Instructions

  • Fabric and/or Felt
  • Stuffing
  • Sharp sewing scissors
  • Heavy weighted thread
  • Paper or cardboard
  1. Pick a font you would like to use – I used Calibra
  2. I made the letters 6″ high and then printed them out using Photoshop (you could also trace the paper letters onto cardboard to make it easier to trace and create a stencil in the process)
  3. Trace each letter twice for a front and back, then I cut each letter one at a time as I worked to make sure the fabric wouldn’t fray too much
  4. Pin the front and back of the letter together and then hand stitch the outside of the fabric together – the thread will show
  5. Stuff the letter as you go so you can get the stuffing in all the tight spots before you sew the letter up




2 Responses

  1. You are so talented. No idea where you got it from…certainly not me! Love ya.

  2. A cute one-of-a-kind project. Did you put them on the wall?

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