DIY: Golden Chestnuts


22nd Oct 2014

I like to collect natural decorations, like beach stones, sticks and right now bright coloured leaves and chestnuts. I put them into bowls or candle holders to bring the outdoors inside and to help create a cozy space. So my next craft project came to me when I was looking at my chestnuts and thought, hey those would look so pretty with a touch of gold.

This is a super easy project, all you need to do is collect some chestnuts or perhaps there is another nut falling off the trees in your neighbourhood that inspires you. Next it’s a good idea to roast them in the oven to prevent mold, just throw them on a baking sheet and toss them in the oven on a low heat (200 degrees fahrenheit) for a couple of hours. Then find a small paint brush, I bought some great craft brushes at Michaels from the Martha Stewart collection and some metallic gold paint also from Michaels. With my supplies, I sat myself in front of the TV and started painting all the white spots on the chestnuts and voila a fun rainy day craft and lovely addition to my collection.


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