DIY: Halloween Pumpkins


24th Oct 2011

Spider Pumpkin

This weekend I got into the Halloween spirit and experimented with some new fun decorating ideas with some small pumpkins I picked up from my local grocer.  I have noticed that the trend this year is to create designs on your pumpkins rather than just turning your jack-o-lantern into a face, so I headed to the dollar store to find some creepy crawlies to adorn my pumpkins.  I’m really enjoying seeing everyone’s unique pumpkin ideas out there.  Here’s all I needed to create mine:

My supplies:

  • A drill (such an easy and affective tool to create a pattern)
  • A bag of ants
  • Some furry spiders
  • Stick-on jewels
  • Two Small Pumpkins
  • A permanent black marker

Tips: when working out your idea use a pencil but make sure you don’t press too hard or it will be difficult to remove.  I used some soap to wipe down my pumpkin after I was done.  Also I used some LED candles to light up my pumpkins, heat from regular candles will start to cook it and it will cave in sooner.

Ant Invaders Pumpkin

Happy Carving!!

2 Responses

  1. Great idea! I might take a trip to the store and see if I can find some creepy crawlies to decorate our pumpkin for Hallowe’en and to buy some candy. I love Hallowe’en and greeting all the little goblins that come to our door. Time to get my costume ready too!

  2. Gorgeous idea, Brandy! Man – that looks so awesome! Hooray crafting :D

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