DIY: Organize Your Pantry


20th Feb 2012

This past month Martha Stewart launched a new product line with Avery at Staples featuring pretty office and organizing supplies!  I get really excited about office supplies don’t get me started on highlighters and post-it notes, so I knew I was in trouble when I saw her new line which feature, brightly coloured binders in shades of poppy red and robin’s egg blue, Kraft paper, dry-eraser and chalk labels in a variety of shapes and sizes and so much more, which you have a peek at yourself here.

The first project that came to mind was my pantry has been in serious need of a make over, because I had lost track of what I was storing in there, it was a mess and don’t tell Jeff but I found about 7 cans of chickpeas – STOP buying chickpeas Brandy I think you’re good for awhile.  I have been collecting salsa jars to use as a cheap and recyclable storage solution, so my first mission was to make those over with a cleaning with goo-gone to get rid of any sticky residue (hint let your jars sit in hot water before attempting to remove the glue, it helps loosen it up) and then I spray painted the lids a matte white (make sure you do this in a well ventilated area).  Lastly I put on my lovely new chalkboard labels and wrote the contents on them – yay don’t they look good!  I had a few other storage containers so all they needed were the labels, which are easy to put on because they aren’t too sticky so if you make a mistake they come off with a gentle pull I just wouldn’t try it too many times.

Now my pantry is in order and looks so much better and I can change out the ingredients in the jars with a simple wipe off of the chalk and I’m done.

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  1. Not only looks wonderful but now when I come I will be able to find the stuff I need to make your dinner! Downside for you is that I won’t purchase more things that I previously couldn’t find…so positive/negative side to this! As always, you are so inventive and artistic with your projects.
    Love Mom

  2. I love what you’ve done with the salsa jars, and your white canisters look brand new with those chalkboard labels on them. Love that you can change the labels if you fill the jars with something else.
    I wish you could come organize my pantry…at least you’ve given me the inspiration and motivation to get to it. Once I can get out and about, I’m going to get some nice cherry red Martha Stewart binders to organize all the recipes I’ve been collecting over the years. Need to do a major “sort out” first.
    What is goo-gone?
    I really enjoyed this post, keep up the good work Brandy. Have you though of sending your DIY posts to a magazine? It would be awesome to have something published!

  3. So pretty! I did something similar but with permanent labels but the chalkboard ones are much more fun, er, useful! Will definitely try this out at our new home! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thanks ladies!
    Nicole goo gone is this wonderful product that removes sticky residue, say like a label or sticker on a jar. You can buy it at any home hardware store, here’s a link to what it looks like

  5. Brandy I love it. I have been collecting jars for ages and i’m in love with blackboard paint:) never thought to paint lids;) thanks for sharing ;)

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