Music: Feist’s New Album – Metals


12th Oct 2011

Anyone who knows me personally knows I adore Feist.  I love that I never tire of her music, that whenever she decides to write an album that she goes to Paris to do it, she’s Canadian and her live shows not only include her lovely voice but usually some type of visual installation to go with the music that is unique and thought provoking.

Her latest album is called Metals, and it has the feeling of autumn or even winter for me because I when I listen to it I want to be home, with a fire, candles lit enjoying a glass of red wine and curled on the couch with my book.  This album feels quiet and it isn’t in a hurry, instead it’s slowly moving like passing rainy clouds overhead, until it picks up and rises like the energy created during a storm.

Some of my favorite bits so far are (I notice more little things every time I listen to it), I enjoy the sounds Feist has created with jingling bells throughout songs like Get It Wrong, Get It Right.  In the past she has created sounds that imitate (or maybe they are real recordings?) running on cobble stones with heels or birds chirping to create a moment that brings me right with her into the song so I can be a part of it.  I also love the background vocals in songs like Comfort Me, where the song just rises up and makes my heart fill up, and the line in that song “when you comfort me, it doesn’t bring me comfort actually” wow I have felt that one before.

Feist is currently on tour and will be in town at The Center in Vancouver for Performing Arts on November 18th, you can look here for other concert dates and ticket links because I’m sure it will be a fantastic night of magic and music.  Also make sure to pick up a copy of Metals and let me know what your favorites are.


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  1. I’m in love with Feist, as well. I never tire of her voice and her charm. I’ve heard that some folks aren’t as pleased with this album as it is “darker and drearier” than her past ones, but I think that you hit the nail on the head: it has the feeling of Autumn/Winter to it.

    My favourite track? Graveyard. I love the chorus at the end “Bring them all back to life”.

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