Friday Photos: Spring Sprung!


30th Mar 2012

Can you feel the change of season too?  Spring has sprung here in Vancouver and I am embracing it.

Longer days and golden sunsets

Green grass and little white flowers

Bare feet and ballet flats

Fresh salads and a glass of wine

Magnolias reaching for the sky as they open for the sunshine

Rainy days to remind us everything needs help to grow – and it rains A LOT here

Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. This Friday also brought a trip to Italy and Greece! Now that’s a good Friday!

  2. I like your photo montage Brandy. Temperatures must be mild for the magnolias to be in full bloom.
    That was indeed a very good Friday Jeff. We are really excited for you! You will have such a wonderful trip and create lifelong memories. xo

  3. Once again your talent shows – when and where did you say your exhibition was being held?

    I hope to get to Vancouver once my movement restrictions are lifted. Late May- What chance is there for us to get together? – any chance of a couch? Money is really tight right now and I would not dream of imposing but thought I could at least ask. Enjoy your weekend. Vix

  4. Read this post again…your photos and words evoke the lightness of spirit that comes with springtime.

  5. Thanks Nicki!

  6. You are so kind Vikki, I appreciate the words of encouragement.

    We should chat more about you coming over for a visit, Mom will be here as well at the end of May – might be great timing.

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