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13th Mar 2012

This past week I started a six week course called Blogging from the Heart with one of my online mentors Susannah Conway.  It is my second time participating in an online course with Susannah, the first was a few years ago called Unravelling: Ways of Seeing Myself , which guided me through a self journey of photography and journaling.  I loved it and met so many great like minded women (who are still good online friends), so it was an easy decision to make when she announced this new course that focuses on blog writing.

One of my goals that plotted out in the new year was to work on my writing, complete more creative projects and keep practicing my photography using this website as a platform to share, but I still struggle with focus, dedication to weekly posting and what I want to express for an online audience and myself, like how much do I share, what’s the tone, etc.  With the help of  Susannah’s course I have put pen to paper and started brainstorming and mind mapping, something I have always wanted to be able to do but always made excuses on why not to do it, for example  “oh her brainstorming looks so neat and pretty and mine is a mess and disorganized” – ridiculous I know but a definite mind block of mine is comparing myself to others and never giving myself the opportunity to try something and get better at it.  See I have a lot of ideas constantly brewing in my head, that are bouncing around with no where to go because I can be a bit of a procrastinator and perfectionist.  I rarely give myself the room to work an idea out, instead I look for instant gratification and when that fails to show up I quit and then feel guilty for not seeing my idea through, sound familiar?  No excuses last week though, Susannah had us doing all kinds of brainstorming exercises and for once I did them, yay me look I am growing!  It was fun to get out my coloured pens, work through the lessons each day and look at what I accomplished.

After all the brainstorming, the week’s objective was to write a mission statement and while we already had one, it wasn’t quite hitting the mark so here is the new and simplified one…

Welcome to the online playground of Jeff & Brandy Waterfall. Designers by day and crusaders of creativity by night, Jeff & Brandy share their love for everyday inspirations through photography and storytelling.

It feels good to write that here in the open for you, so what do you think?  It was a productive first week and I’m looking forward to seeing what Susannah has brewed up for us in coming weeks of lessons.

If you are interested in taking any of Susannah’s online classes, she’s has a few different ones, click here.  She also has two books coming out this spring called Instant Love : How to Make Magic & Memories with Polaroids and This I Know : Notes on Unravelling the Heart. For a more daily fix you can follow her self named blog Susannah Conway.

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  1. So love seeing a peek in your journal! yay for mission statements! :)

  2. I think that Susannah’s course is a perfect way to nurture your creativity and I’m sure that it will give you some great ideas on how to bring your ideas to fruition. I can tell that you are enjoying the course! I look forward to seeing more of your blog entries and photos.

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