Happy Festive Friday!


16th Dec 2011

Well somehow this is the last weekend before Christmas and I have a lot on my list of try-to-get-dones before the big day.

The Waterfalls Christmas

Christmas Time Fun

  1. Do a fun little Christmas photo shoot with Jeff for our first year as a married couple.
  2. Make some gingerbread cookies -yummy!
  3. Gather or make all my Christmas day tabletop decorations.
  4. See friends to have festive drinks and give them their Christmas cards.

Hope you also have a wonderful holiday season weekend planned and I’ll let you know if I get my list done – who knows!  Tis the season to get distracted.

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  1. It’s begining to look a lot like Christmas…sing along with me!

  2. Don’t you worry I am singing it my head all day today! The house is so festive and lovely!

  3. So did you get it all done?- Kev and I had a wonderfully quiet day just like when we were Newlyweds- hot coffee in bed with baileys of course and then he cooked bacon and pancakes. (Well as newly weds we were vegetarians so no bacon)- Didnt get out of jams until nearly noon!- Kevin bought me oops I mean Santa left me an iPod touch – (not a cell phone girl) so I could sink my planner and contacts and email with my music and have only one thing to carry – my limit of lifting is less than 10 lbs (say goodbye to most purses). Loved every minute. Also loved looking at your mom’s pics from Oz. Brought back many many memories of 1989 and 1990 and my travels.
    So enjoy 2012- remember “Love is a moment and being in love is creating the next moment.”- create many moments for yourselves in 2012- EMBRACE them!

  4. Thanks Vikki! I did everything on my list except make the gingerbread cookies. I actually came down with a cold a few days before Christmas and decided to not infect everyone with my germs :) I think I still might make them, because they are so yummy and great with a coffee on the weekend. We had a relaxing and fun holiday with Jeff’s parents and some of our friends & family who stayed in Vancouver. I remember you traveling the world when I was a kid, you brought me back a fresh water pearl necklace, which I still have. I thought you were so cool and knew then that I would travel to far away places someday too. Happy 2012! I hope this year brings better health to both you and Kevin, mind, body and spirit. xx

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