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22nd Jun 2011

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The last two months have been a wonderful ride as a Canuck’s fan.  There has been a real sense of community going on, for example in my circle of friends we took turns hosting playoff BBQs to cheer on our team.  I have so many great memories including going downtown after our Game 2 win in the final round, where thousands of people gathered to dance, sing and cheer together.  Also it was funny going into work and seeing everyone wearing their Canucks gear, there was a lot of laundry happening after games – except a lot of the boys were superstitious and wouldn’t wash their jersey haha!

To our team you skated with heart, played intense hockey and kicked some serious ass.  We couldn’t ask for a better season, you won the President’s Cup and went right to Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Final – well done.  We’ll get em next year!

Yes there was an major incident on the evening we lost the Stanley Cup that hung a huge black cloud over our city, but the next day the sun came out and the true Canuck fans in mass headed downtown with brooms, gloves and plastic bags to clean away the darkness created the night before.  The morning after I went down to the Bay to see what I could do during my lunch break only to find clean streets and hundreds of people writing on the plywood covered windows – messages of love.  I added my bit to the wall and walked away with a renewed sense of pride in my home, hockey team and the people who love this city dearly.  It brought tears to my eyes and many others that were gathered there.  I want to say thank you to my fellow Vancourites, you rose above the bad media images and thugs who beat up our streets.  You made us all so proud!  Also thank you to our Mayor Robertson for trying to rise above the mess and for saying thank you to the much deserving volunteers alongside the Bay last weekend where they served a pancake breakfast downtown.  That’s community.

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  1. Tears in my eyes by the time I finished reading your blog. Well said!

    Love you,

  2. Nicely said Brandy! Let’s hope that the press is as enthusiastic about reporting on the positive reactions of Vancouver fans as they were assigning blame.

  3. LIKE!

  4. Well written The Brander! I don’t plan on washing my jersey ever!

  5. Thank you everyone, I feel so strongly about telling the positive side and trying to represent the true Vancouverites. The media all too often represents the nasty story to keep people watching, but I feel the the other story to be so much more inspiring and true.
    I also forgot to mention all the hard working police officers and firemen that took back the streets for us that night, so a big thank you goes out to them as well! xx

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