In My Neighborhood: Cherry Blossoms


16th Apr 2012

It’s Monday another week to start off and this morning was a bit of a calamity of events for me.

Yesterday my husband cut up a bunch of fresh fruit for us to make smoothies in the morning – yay – but this morning when I tried to make a smoothie and the blender wouldn’t work, then in my distress I dropped a huge pot lid on the floor while my husband slept in the other room probably cursing me, on the way to the bus I remembered I forgot the smoothie I had forced into liquid submission and made a mad dash back to the house to get it and of course all this morning drama led to me being late for work.

Okay so the world didn’t end and I just ended up in a bit of Monday mood, so I’m going to turn this around and lighten the mood by showing you some lovely cherry blossom photos I took yesterday on a long walk around my neighborhood.  Enjoy, especially if your morning took a turn like mine.  Happy Monday!

Light pink confetti celebrating a new spring season, so pretty.

There are different variety’s of cherry blossoms around the city, I think this year I am favoring the white ones pictured above.  What’s blooming in your neighborhood right now, I would love to know and or even better see so send me a photo!

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  1. not even close to a bloom in my neck of the woods

  2. Blooms…are you kidding? We don’t even have buds yet! Just a few tulips and crocus’s blooming right now. We need rain to green up our world. We are to get quite a bit over the next couple of days. Lets see if it actually comes.

    Too bad about your morning! Jeff will just have to get up and make that smoothie for you tomorrow morning…lol

    I’ve been making smoothies nearly every day lately. I add some protein powder but I use frozen berries from Costco as fresh fruit would cost a fortune here. They are so yummy!
    Love ya, Mom

  3. Oh, I forgot to say…simply love your pictures! Wish I could get there in time to see them…but I won’t so I’ll rely on you to share the experience.

  4. Brandy, these photos are gorgeous. I just love them! You have such a good eye and arrange them so creatively. Have you thought about selling your photos online…and let me be the first to place an order. These would be perfect in white frames on our bedroom wall.
    Richard says “well done, they’re lovely”.
    The only thing blooming here are the yellow tulips I bought yesterday. But soon, the hundred bulbs I planted last fall will bloom. They are a soft apricot , I’ll send you a photo. xo

  5. I’ve been loving the blossoms too! Beautiful photos. ;) I found some deep pink/red ones and posted them on Instagram. @gerrismalley

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