In the City: Stanley Cup Finals!!!


6th Jun 2011

Me & my Ladies showing our Canucks pride!

So despite our terrible loss tonight to the Boston Bruins, I have to say that Vancouver fans aren’t sulking around too badly.  We know our boys had a rough night and can come back next game stronger than ever, and that’s what being a true hockey fan is – believing in your team!  I think the Canucks needs a bit of a cheer up, so here are me and my lovely ladies showing our hockey pride!  GO CANUCKS GO!

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  1. Yo guys! Great site! I have a wp site going as well, although it’s time to add some new posts and expand. Check it out.

    Yeah it was a tough loss, but we’ll turn it around and bring the cup home, I’m sure of it. Saturdays festivities still aren’t even out of the system entirely yet, hehe… I biked all the way home after all. Needed the exercise!

    See you soon!

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