In My Neighborhood: Cadeaux Bakery Opens!


24th Jan 2012

Vancouverites your lucky day has arrived, local Pastry Chef extraordinaire Eleanor Chow & her equally talented business partner Slavita Johnson are opening the doors of their new bakery called Cadeaux today!  The hours of operation will be Tuesday through Sunday (closed Mondays) 8am-6pm and it is located on 172 Powell Street (right near the No5 Orange).

I got to take a glimpse of their new bakery this past weekend and what you will find is a wide open kitchen with high ceilings where the ladies bake and a nice and cozy seating area up front by the windows where you can sit and enjoy a cup of JJ Bean coffee, eat some yummy baked goods and watch the world go by.  The entire space is painted white with contrasting colours of charcoal and light grey which gives a light airy feeling to the space while keeping all the focus on the yummy pastries, cakes and treats you’ll find there.  Also Eleanor’s super talented husband Jason put a lot of detail into creating wooden panels along the counters and shelving unit fronts engraving a floral pattern into them to compliment the intricate wallpaper located on the seating area focus wall, it is both subtle and wonderful.  The main show goes to the baked goods and they are being displayed through the front of the shop on cake stands, shelving units and in the main cooler – it is a feast for the eyes indeed!  Of course pulling the bakery together came with a lot of help from their talented and handy family & friends like Jason’s father Richard who actually flew out from Ottawa to help with designing and building all the custom millwork.

So take some time and head down to Cadeaux for a hot buttery croissant or maybe you fancy an apple tart instead, whether it be savory or sweet I promise you that it will be well worth it and you’ll be back for more because Eleanor & Slavita have created something really special here.


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  1. Oooh! I do wish I was there to see it for myself and enjoy a pastry and a coffee. Next best thing are your photos and description which really capture the atmosphere of the space.
    Hopefully we will make it out in early spring.

  2. Looks fantastic! Wish I could sample some things with Nicole- hoping to get out to Western Canada someday soon and we’ll be sure to stop in!

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