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11th May 2011

This past weekend this video link appeared on both my facebook and twitter feeds Beastie Boys – Fight for Your Right (Revisited) and I let it sit for the morning  because honestly how many times have you clicked a link and then lost precious moments of your life that you will never, ever will get back – too many right!  Well I am here to tell you CLICK ON THE LINK and make sure you have a half an hour to enjoy it properly, with a drink or maybe something a little more creative for the mind.  I don’t want to give anything away because this is best enjoyed with a clean slate, but I will tell you this much, after watching the video twice this album is now on repeat on my IPhone.

This album from start to finish it is a solid listen, but it’s been a bit of battle for the Boys to get it out.  MCA (Adam Yauch) was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2009 which put both albums Hot Sauce Committee Part 1 & 2  on hold while he received treatment.  While they did release Part 2 this month, Part 1 still isn’t ready for release, and MCA unfortunately has not been declared cancer-free yet so the band won’t be touring until he is.  Despite of all the challenges they have faced this album remains fresh and up-beat while staying true to the punk ass hip-hop styles we are used to hearing from the Beasties, which shows a hell of a lot courage and artistic dedication to their craft.  It also makes me really happy to see a band like the Beasties still kickin’ it because they are real artists producing original music, which seems rare these days.

So go out and purchase the new tunes and let’s send all our love and positive vibes to MCA to beat the crap out of that cancer -  Make some noise if you’re with me!!!

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  1. Aw Yeah!!! Love, love, love!!!

  2. I remember Jeff’s Hallowe’en costume when he and Todd won a prize at one of the local bars, here in Ottawa.

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