Momma Diaries : Tips for Stay at Home Parents


25th Mar 2015

I hear myself say out loud, yes I’m a stay at home Mom and in my head I think, wow how did that happen. Growing up I was raised by a hard working single Mom, so when I decided to stay home with our Sweet Pea I had no model to follow and I’ve had to figure it out as I go. I think a lot of parents are making this decision to stay home because of high costs of daycare (like we did) but no one really talks about what that means for the parent who stays home and the challenges that come with it.

So today I wanted to share some of my tips for being a sane stay at home parent.

  1. Get ready and dressed in the morning (when possible). It’s way too easy to stay in your PJs until noon and sometimes opportunities will present themselves (like another parent wanting to do a playdate) and you won’t be ready to go. Showering the night before or first thing in the morning (before your child wakes up) can make mornings easier and it helps me feel better.
  2. Make a point of getting outside. Whenever I start to feel down, usually a walk outside will change my perspective and clear my mind. I also like to download podcasts to my phone, so I can have something interesting to listen to while I’m walking.
  3. Try to make friends at the park and playgroups. I find this to be a difficult task, because I don’t enjoy making small talk with strangers but I have met some cool people this way and the chit chat makes me feel engaged and connected.
  4. Sign up for class or two. I find if I have paid for a class that has a set time, I’ll go. If I just rely on my own motivation to get me out, I’ll stay home or in my same routine that can get pretty boring quickly. Bonus is I can meet other parents and talk to other humans for an hour, which makes a huge difference my day.
  5. Ask for help! It takes a village to raise a child and often it is easy for me to take on everything by myself and I end up feeling rundown and resentful because I miss being me and not just a Mom. Asking for help will not only benefit me but it hugely benefits our daughter. Every person that loves and engages with her is another teacher that she learns from and that is great. I don’t have to be Super Mom.


3 Responses

  1. Good for you Brandy. I would have loved to do that. I stayed home for a year with Sarah and only 6 months with Robert, maternity leave was very short then. I was fortunate in that I was able to work evenings while Marc worked days. We exchanged parenting duties at 2 pm every day. I missed the dinner and bath time but Marc had a wonderful opportunity to bond with his children, a bond that is still very strong today. I spent time with them during the day and when they went to school was able to volunteer in their classes. Later I worked days and they went to daycare. Marc finished early so they still had lots of parent time. We feel we have a great relationship with our kids and I believe a lot of that has to do with the time we shared with them when they were little, built a foundation for later. Enjoy being a stay at home mom it it as important role. Chantal xo

  2. Good advice and well written Brandy. It’s not easy finding the right balance and Regan is thriving because you are doing a great job as a “stay at home”mom. xo

  3. Thanks ladies! Chantal I definitely feel the privilege of being able to spend this time with Sweet Pea and I love that I’m building a strong foundation. It’s easy to miss work and getting out of house sometimes because it was a huge part of my life, but I know it’s there waiting for me. Looking back I know I won’t regret this decision.

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