Our Moms Are The Best!


13th May 2012

When I think about our Moms (Jeff’s & mine) I get all warm and fuzzy in my heart, because they are strong, caring, supportive, loving and of course the big one they gave us life. On Friday I read a post that brought tears to my eyes and put everything into perspective when it comes to what Mother’s do for us and what we ALL should do in return – A Letter from a Mother to Her Daughter (as found on Positively Positive).

Our Moms are the BEST!

Top: Wendy & Brandy - Bottom - Jeff & Nicole

My Thoughts About Our Moms

Our Moms were there from the very beginning taking care of us, teaching us how to tie our shoes, holding our hands as we learned to walk, feeding us nourishing food, and eventually after all those years spent in their care they granted us the freedom to go out into the world and choose our own paths.

When we have our successes we always think of them to call to share the good news, we feel proud and in return let them know they did a good job raising us.

On the bad days we call our Moms to help heal our wounds, mend our hearts and sometimes cry on their shoulders.

They started out being our guides in this big world and continue on through our lives to be our fiercest supporters and cheerleaders.

Moms give a place to call home and safe place to return with open arms and hearts.

They offer advice and listen when we are trying to figure something out and even when we choose the wrong path they don’t judge us too harshly but instead ask us what we have learned (okay and maybe tell us not to do that again).

I love our Moms – Happy Mother’s Day to you both we wish we could be with you today.  In my heart we are sitting together sharing brunch, the table is set with fresh spring flowers and everyone is smiling because you have done such a great job being our Moms – thank you.  We miss you!

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