Reliving the Olympics!


12th Feb 2011

One year ago today in Vancouver the biggest 17 day party we had ever seen or participated in started.  Jeff and I put on our Canadian gear and headed out each day to partake in the events happening around the city.

You Gotta Be Here - Robson Square

Every night Robson Square turned into the best party in the city with fireworks, laser shows, giant balls of fire shooting into the sky, concerts, zip-lining, skating with the mascots and of course watching the games being projected onto The Sears building.  This was one hell of a party!  You Gotta Be Here

Olympic Spirit!

There was no storage of Canadian Olympic spirit in Vancouver!  Thank goodness we prepared in advance with our Hudson Bay gear – the line-up was always at least 3 blocks outside The Bay everyday and that was just to get into the store!

Olympic Symbols

Who can forget watching the Olympic torch coming out the floor during the opening ceremonies – OOPPPS.  Or the Olympic rings changing colours when a Canadian would win.  I personally loved the mascots and had to grab a photo with them!  And of course the Olympic clock counting down the days and finally minutes before the madness would be begin!

Downtown Vancouver Dressed Up For The Olympics

Clockwise from the top – The Hudson Bay was wonderfully restored before the Olympics and was a hot spot for Olympic gear.  Granville Street was the street party that hosted many road hockey games as well.  It also had tons of interesting art displays.  From dusk until dawn there was a light show called Vectorial Elevation, which you could participate in by going on their website to design your own version of how the lights would move in the sky – a personal favorite of mine during the Olympics.

Canadian Hockey - The Best of the Games!

I think Jeff would tell you this was his favorite part of the games, you see Jeff (aka LUCKY BOY), had tickets to both the men’s semi-final and gold medal hockey games!  Ridiculous I know!  Watching both our women’s and men’s teams go ALL the way was AMAZING to say the least.  We watched games downtown in the pubs, hosted a huge party at our house and of course went to some of the actual games.  Do you remember where you were when we won – HIGH FIVE!

Olympic Houses

We tried to get to as many open houses as we could and managed to hit Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, German, Northern House,  LiveCity Yaletown and the Bell Ice Cube.  There was definitely some interesting design happening in them and some great concerts too.

The Grand Finale - The Closing Ceremonies!!!

The last day of the Olympics was EPIC.  We headed out bright and early to get me into a downtown pub for the start of the men’s hockey game which meant breakfast beers!  Jeff had a beer with me and then left with our friend James to watch the game live at GM Place while I stayed and partied in the pub with Nikie, my bro Ryan and the rest of our new hockey pub friends.  During the game I got a text from an old skating friend Sherry-Lyn who had a couple of closing ceremony tickets she wanted to give me, yes please.  Little did Jeff and I know, they were 2nd row on the floor tickets – THANKS SHER!  So after high fiving everybody in the streets after the men’s hockey win, Jeff and I met up and headed to BC Place to watch the closing of the games – FUN!  We even managed to make our TV debuts -whooo hooo HI MOM.

All I can say is we will never forget those 17 days, when every Canadian and Vancouverite came out to celebrate being Canadian and having such amazing athletes!My heart swells with pride just thinking about it now.

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