Spring Flowers & Photo Styling


28th Mar 2011

The last couple of weekends I have brought home some lovely spring flowers with me to practice my photo styling skills.  It has been part of the online course I have been taking for Blogging Your Way, taught by Leslie from A Creative Mint.  Leslie makes photo styling and flower arranging look easy, and her lessons have been so helpful.  I feel like I am seeing definite improvements in my photography skills, but my flower arranging needs a bit more work.  There is a real art to both and when you see Leslie’s work it makes you appreciate her talent even more.

I can’t say enough about the Blogging Your Way course, there is a ton of material provided and lessons to try out on your own blog.  Sadly the course came to an end this week, but the great news is that Holly (the course creator) is currently working on a 2.0 BYW course – so I have that to look forward to.  In meantime I have a lot of reading to catch up on and lessons to put into action here!  Tell me what you think too, feedback is always appreciated.

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  1. I’m more than a bit bias but I love all the photography you post! I wish I had your eye for picture taking! Keep up the great work. Love, Mom xxoo

    The tree in the living room which has started flowering (it knows it’s suppose to be spring) and the orchid is in full bloom too. It been real cold here and we still have a fair bit of snow although it will warm up later this week…finally!

  2. Love, love the tulips and hyacinth photo! You have always had a good eye and I think your photography skills are improving with every shot. xo

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