Summer Fun Bucket List


30th Jul 2015

How has your summer been, if you live in Vancouver I imagine it’s been pretty darn sweet because of the amazing June/July we have had. We have been taking advantage of all this great weather and checking our summer fun ideas off as we go. There is still plenty left to explore and time to do it, so what do you have planned for this August Long weekend? Need some inspiration, check out our list below and get out there and enjoy the sunshine!

  1. Take our first camping trip as a family of 3 
  2. Make frozen yogurt with fresh local in season fruits – yes please!
  3. Set up our patio table with a nice dining setting and eat el fresco as often as possible. (Reminder to buy wasp detractor and food covers)
  4. Go to my local farmer’s market on Sundays to buy speciality in season items
  5. Hike Rainbow Mountain in Whistler
  6. Practice yoga outdoors (there are free sessions hosted by Semperviva all summer long)
  7. Buy some local oysters and a nice bottle of Rose & enjoy (try this yummy dry Rose it’s my current fav)
  8. BBQ at the beach with friends
  9. Bike around the seawall and end at a waterfront patio for a cold beverage and some sunset action
  10. Stargaze on a blanket with my man
  11. Watch the annual fireworks – More to come this weekend!
  12. Make dessert with fresh in season fruit and eat it at the beach while the sunsets
  13. Make boozy slush drinks with my Vitamix
  14. Get my jam on and can some fresh foods for those long winter months when I need a bit of sunshine in a jar
  15. Go to an outdoor movie or the Drive-In
  16. Host an outdoor dinner party (doesn’t happen often enough)
  17. Go with the fam jam to the Food Cart Fest that happens every Sunday for the summer
  18. Float on a cool lake on a hot sunny day – wear sunscreen!
  19. Eat some fresh local crab 
  20. Make some yummy Smashed Bruschetta with tomatoes & basil picked from the garden – follow the link to see my fav recipe

Written in Pink means we completed some fun!

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