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22 Responses

  1. Hey…love your site!

    Love, Mom xxoo

  2. you guys and your potato gun are just so cute….the website looks freeking amazing!

  3. why does it go 1, 2, 4, 3, 5, 6 at the top?? who designed this thing anyway???? just kidding looks awesome guys

  4. Whoops, all fixed! Still sorting out some issues…

  5. This looks amazing guys, great job! Can’t wait for more details :0

  6. Great website folks! loved the story and the pics, cant wait to see you guys!!

  7. Hey this is awesome guys! Good job at nagging Brandy;) i especially love the error page. Yay!!

  8. Cute love story Brandy…I am so stoked for you both :)

  9. Wow guys, this is an absolutely AMAZING site you’ve created. Wahoo!

  10. Hey BMilne!
    I’m so happy for you guys. What a killer website! It’s really nice to see you having so many adventures and creating art with all of your talents.


  11. Love the site. It’s gorgeous!

  12. WOW! Awesome website! I am completely blown away by the design… I found you through BYW.. I’ll be visiting often! :D

  13. Less than 6 months left until the big day! Can’t wait to wear my mother-of-the-groom flip-flops ; )

  14. Je suis heureuse de voir que mes petits enfants vont se marier et je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur! Laissez moi savoir ce que vous aimeriez comme cadeau.
    Gros baisers. Grand-maman Cherton xo

  15. I need some design help with our kitchen… can you help?

  16. Hey guys – just a suggestion that might help others looking for information. Maybe you could put up some travel options, nearest airports, bus routes to and from, car rental costs etc…we have been looking this evening and have a lot of questions, which I am sure others would have too. Might just safe some of your guests some time in searching for this information. Good news is we are nearly booked!

  17. Yep, we are really close to adding a “Getting There” link to the website. Promise to send an update to everyone. The link will include the various airports you can fly into and a google map showing you the distance to Bethany Beach. Hope this helps! xx

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDY! Lots of love, Richard and Nicki xo

  19. Hi there,
    I’m sorry to hear that you had your reception planned at Catch 54! It’s a fairly unique place, maybe I can give you some additional resources to help you out. The following is a list of places I know do weddings:
    Harpoon Hannah’s is right down the street, not as elegant as Catch 54 though.
    The Seacolt House in North Bethany Beach (you would have to find a caterer too though)
    Princess Bayside on 48th St. in OC
    The Golden Sands around 118th St. OC
    Indian River Lifesaving Station just north of the Indian River Inlet between Bethany and Dewey
    Bear Trap Dunes in Ocean View
    Venus on the Halfshell in Dewey
    Salero in Rehoboth Beach (one of my favorite locations for a reception, overlooks the Rehoboth boardwalk)
    The Clarion Resort in OC
    Coconut Malorie in OC
    Carousel Hotel in OC
    Mangos Restaurant in Bethany Beach

    There are links to most of these places on my website- http://www.samellis.com/gallery/4086192, just scroll down past the photography packages. Email me if you have any questions- sam@samellis.com.

    You might also con

    Have you asked the management at Catch 54 if they can accomodate you at one of their other restaurants?

    Best of luck to you!

  20. I have posted some of our Delaware photos on Flickr. Hope you take a look!

  21. This is such a great site- and I loved the home made cards- where do you find the time?
    This would be my website address if I could –www.as if I were capable.ca
    The one above is of course maintained by Kevin- I dont even know what is on it – perhaps I should visit it.

  22. Hi there

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