Practicing Gratitude this Thanksgiving


9th Oct 2017

hand lettered

Every October we gather around a table with our friends and family to eat and drink for Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday that has evolved into, for a lot of us, a time to reflect and practice gratitude for everything and everyone in our lives that we are grateful for.

I was explaining to my four year old daughter the importance of knowing how truly lucky we are here in Canada. I have grown up in an environment where I have more than enough food on the table, safe and tasty drinking water, a roof over my head and my daughter will know she is being raised with the same privileges. It’s important for my family to talk about what we are grateful for and to remind ourselves of this daily with a practice of gratitude. I think starting this practice, even though she is young and can’t fully understand the concept, is a valuable lesson to teach her.

I hope you had some time to sit and reflect too. Whether you just did it by yourself in quiet silence with a cup of coffee or maybe by writing in a gratitude jourmal, whatever you chose to do it’s meaningful and part of living a conscious life.

I created this print above to share with you all to show you my gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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