Brandy’s Entries


28th Dec 2010

Tales of a City Girl

Just like planning a wedding – slowing down and enjoying my time off during the holidays seems to be easier said than done. We arrived on Christmas Eve in a bit of a whirl wind and now that the big Christmas day has come and gone I have been finding it difficult to enjoy the quiet moments.

When I was sitting at my desk back in Vancouver daydreaming of days spent in the country (Jeff’s parents live outside of Ottawa in Richmond, ON.), I saw myself catching up on reading, enjoying coffees in front of the fire, breathing easier and not having a care in the world.  But today I found myself counting the days I have left – what is that all about?!  This was not because I’m bored and want to get out of here either, but in a warped I don’t get much time off and what have I done so far twisted city girl though process.   These are some of my thoughts today – I should read more, why didn’t I enjoy that glass of wine more, why didn’t I take some photos and get all creative and it’s all a bit nuts.  Do I have city girl A.D.D. or what?!

So I am hoping that as the days go by I will be able to slow down, apparently it takes a few days for us North American nut jobs to get there, and I can actually go home feeling rested.  Maybe I need a day at the spa?  Are there any suggestions out there for me to try – honestly I am willing at this point.  I am so wound up that my brain is actually spinning!


6th Dec 2010

Our Christmas Tradition

Okay, so focusing on the wedding right now is a little difficult with one of my favorite times of year here and in full force – Christmas!

Jeff and I started a tradition of collecting ornaments when we travel and also giving each other one every year at Christmas, so hopefully over time we will have a tree full of personal memories. When we were in Bethany Beach, we bought this adorable Christmas ornament to remind us of our engagement moment. It is a lifeguard chair like the one Jeff and I sat on when he pulled out a certain little box and asked me that BIG question to which I said, “ummm yes!”

What holiday traditions have you created to make the season memorable with your family and friends?


22nd Nov 2010

Lift off!

Welcome to The Waterfalls, and thanks for taking the time to visit our little website. You may be wondering what I’m going to chat about on my side of the blog reel. Well this is my first wedding planning experience, so I want to share my experiences with you here on the blog. I hope to convey those experiences with a good old fashioned sense of humor and heartfelt honesty, because as I have come to find out through this process so far, there is a lot to learn and sharing is always the best way through any problem that may come up.

Also for all of our guests attending the wedding I will be updating the blog with tons of helpful information to aid you in planning your trip to Delaware next fall, so hopefully we can make your vacation as easy as pie.

So stayed tuned folks and come back to see us again soon!