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6th Dec 2010

My Canon S90 hates my iPhone 4

In October both Brandy and I got iPhone 4′s. We look so fancy as we sit on a park bench together talking to each other on our iPhones using Facetime. That’s right, we’re those douche-bags now… Okay, so not really. But I do love the thing, but my Canon S90 can’t say the same.

The Brander

S90 – Brilliant Colour and Detail

Last year I got the Canon S90 for Christmas. Brandy (I mean Santa) bought it for me (I mean had elves make). I wanted that particular model for a few reasons:

  • I wanted a small camera that I could keep in my pocket and snap photos anytime, anywhere.
  • I wanted something with full manual control.
  • I wanted something that could just take good photos.
  • I didn’t care about HD video or a super-high megapixel count.

Okay, so the S90 is awesome; it’s small and takes really nice photos. If you don’t believe me check out this review, i’m not going to do a whole review here.


iPhone 4 – Looks Pretty Good Too!

Then comes the new iPhone 4… Not only is it a phone, iPod, gaming device, web browser, etc… It takes photos, and good ones! I’ve never owned a smart-phone prior to the iPhone 4, so I’m a little biased as to performance of software and the hardware, but from what i’ve seen of other devices, it really is the leader.

When it came to the camera, that’s where I was really amazed. The quality of the images it can produce is pretty amazing, it’s not great in low light, and the flash tends to make people look like they’ve been resurrected from death, but those are problems found in most digital cameras. That aside, it’s clear why the Canon S90 isn’t so happy. It’s new little sister can take great photos and spends all her time with daddy.

I should also note that I love using the Hipstamatic app for a lot of the photos. The app simulates an old school Hipstamatic camera with interchangeable lenses, film and flashes, which all change effects on the photos. Brandy discovered that one, props to her.

The iPhone 4 takes great photos, HD video and never leaves my pocket, that’s why my Canon S90 hates my iPhone 4.

Update: Using Camera+ on the iPhone, it rules!


23rd Nov 2010

Well This Took Awhile

Well The Waterfalls is finally up, I hope you all like it. It only took 6 months of on-and-off tinkering to get it launched. There were times I thought I’d never get it done, but with some hard work, and persistent nagging from Brandy, it’s finally done!

The big background you see is an illustration I created of Bethany Beach where Brandy and I are getting married. We wanted to give the site a beach feel cause we both love nothing more than lounging in the sand by the water. Brandy and I are both into vintage-style design, so (I hope) the typography and style reflect that.

My favorite page is the error page, I think it conveys how our (and most couple’s) relationship can work. We don’t take ourselves too seriously most of the time, so it seemed perfect.

If you’re wondering how I came to create all this, like most good ideas, it all started in the sketch book:

The Waterfalls Sketches

Some initial sketches of TheWaterfalls is a WordPress driven site using a completely custom theme, with lots of creative tweaking to get the dual journal feeds working properly. WordPress can be a real pain in the ass to work with, but as I’m more of a designer than developer, it’s a little more intuitive for me to use.

It’s still a work in progress and will be ever changing, so feel free to check back anytime to see what’s new! Thanks – over and out.