Journal Notes


20th Mar 2015

Happy Spring!

Today we are experiencing a typical Vancouver rainy day, so I’m posting some bright photos of the flowers in my neighbourhood to brighten your day. It’s beautiful at this time in Vancouver, the city has exploded with colour and the breeze carries the lovely scents of everything blooming. My favorite is the pink and white petal confetti that dances in the air before landing to decorate the roads and sidewalks. Happy Spring everyone!


16th Mar 2015

Family Friendly Vacation : Mexico

We just returned from a wonderful week in sunny Mexico, where we stayed at an all inclusive family friendly resort called Azul Fives which is just outside Playa del Carmen on the Caribbean Sea. The weather was hot and mostly sunny during the daytime and comfortably warm evenings, which I loved (no need for sweaters here). The resort Azul Fives was the perfect all inclusive for our family, our 23 month old daughter was able to play and swim in the pools and her most favorite activity (right now) explore. The property is beautiful and well tended to, so walking around the pathways was an enjoyable and peaceful activity that kept our Sweet Pea so happy. There were also lots of friendly families with small children to keep Sweet Pea interested and engaged.

Another plus for this resort was the food and drinks, we were all impressed with the different restaurants we could enjoy. Our favorite restaurants for breakfast were La Brasserie and smoothie/coffee bar Kafeina, for lunch The Poolside Grill (go early to avoid waits) and for dinner the brand new Meso Tapas and Koh Thai (it’s an extra cost to sit outside in the bamboo cage – pictured above – but we had a lot of fun and it sounds like a hot tub with the bubbling koi pond). The service at the restaurants can be frustrating at times because a lot of them are brand new but we found the staff to be friendly enough to make up for it, and we were on vacation meaning we had no where to be so patience was key. Also leaving a tip helped because it is an all inclusive the staff appreciated the gesture. All the restaurants had high chairs or booster seats to accommodate Sweet Pea, which makes eating a whole lot easier.

The rooms were nicely decorated and roomy. We had requested the baby package (free service) which included a crib and stroller along with items we didn’t need anymore like bottle warmers, a baby bath and monitors. We definitely felt comfortable bringing our daughter to this resort. The only thing we had to be concerned with is the floors in our room, they got slippery when wet so I’d advise some grippy footwear and wiping down after showers. Same with the pathways, if it rained (which it did very briefly and only a couple of times) they became slippery, so again grippy footwear and caution is a good idea.

What really made our trip was the wonderful company we had, Jeff’s parents met us at the resort. It worked out great because they got to enjoy their granddaughter while we were able to relax – a win-win. Everyone was grateful to be together in such a beautiful place. Many laughs were had and plenty of joyful memories were made, the kind you talk about long past the actual trip. We highly recommend this resort for a relaxing and fun family vacation.



12th Jan 2015

2015 – Believe

Another brand new shiny new year has started and with it are all the promises of doing this one better, which in reality I find a bit overwhelming, if I’m being honest. I keep searching for something that doesn’t reek of new years cliches and eventual let downs come March when the bad habits slowly creep back in and the new year’s promises are soon forgotten.

So this year I’m going to try to take another approach and unload all that pressure that comes with all the thoughts of exercising more, eating better, working harder, blah blah blah. Instead I’m going to have tiny goals for each month and if I’m able to build on them fine but if I only manage to get the tiny goals done that’s great too. In taking smaller steps, I’m hoping I’ll naturally make progress and positive changes in my life. Each month I’ll look at my list and see what I accomplished and where I need to try a little harder so I can make adjustments, if something isn’t working or getting better then maybe I need to re-evaluate why and if it’s really important to me. I’ll let you know how that goes, as everything it’s experimenting and seeing what truly works so at the of 2015 I can feel good about my choices and growth.

I received a wonderful Secret Santa gift from one of the gals in our Unravelling group, (we do this every year since we took Susannah’s online course together), it was a temporary tattoo that says BELIEVE. Volia there was my word for 2015 and I knew it right away, yes that is exactly what I need to start practicing because…

BELIEVE I can do it.

BELIEVE in my dreams and want to take small steps to accomplishing them.

BELIEVE in my choices whether good or bad, it’s all about trying things out.

BELIEVE I can move past my fears that hold me back.

BELIEVE in my relationship with my husband and the love we share.

BELIEVE challenges will present themselves and I will have work through them.

BELIEVE I’m a good Mother and I will continue to learn and grow with my daughter.

BELIEVE in travel and new adventure because they make me happy.

BELIEVE in this new year and all it can hold.

It’s easy to get caught up in routines and responsibilities, so adding some Believing magic to my life will hopefully make it feel all possible.

I love hearing from you, so if you feel like sharing your word and why you chose it, leave a comment below!



1st Dec 2014

Happy December 1st

So it begins, another holiday season is here so this morning I headed out with Sweet Pea to enjoy the frosty snow and crisp December air. Nothing feels more like Christmas than snow covered roofs and snow crunching under your boots and I wanted to share that with my daughter.

Blue and cool.

Warm golden sunshine hitting the snowy rooftops, while I daydreamed of sitting in front of a wood burning fire in these cute homes.

Happy December, slow down enough to enjoy it.


17th Nov 2014

Creating Homemade Christmas Cards

Every year I create custom Christmas cards to give to all the people we love because it’s a great tradition and I love it. In the last decade or so I have noticed a big decline in the amount of cards we personally receive, because ECards have become a new and easier tradition for some folks which I can totally understand but in my opinion they can’t replace going to the mailbox and finding a handwritten card from a loved one. I thought this year I would share some photos of the process I go through to create my cards, which also involves listening to Christmas music to get inspired and in the mood.

My first step is to find photos to get the creative juices flowing, usually a theme starts to present itself as I’m sorting through the photos and pinning them onto my corkboard and Pinterest Holiday board .

Christmas Inspiration, Christmas

Next up is doing some good old fashioned brainstorming with pencil and paper. I’ll listen to Christmas music to pull ideas out and write them down to refer.

Brainstorming, Creative Process

Another great tool I use is to just get outside and go for a walk in my neighborhood. This year I gathered some branches and pinecones to bring home and sketch.

Christmas Inspiration

After gathering a bunch of ideas, I start sketching and working out the typography.

sketching, typography, Christmas


sketching, typography, Christmas


sketching, typography, Christmas

I’m running a little behind because I’m still learning how to make my sketches into digital files so I can print them off, but I am hoping to get the finished results up soon and if you are interested in buying some of my cards let me know in the comments below.