Journal Notes


25th Feb 2014

Snowy Days : Jericho Beach


I’ve been enjoying these snowy days we’ve had here in Vancouver, they always feel a bit magical and special and especially this year because of Regan. We have been going on walks around our neighbourhood and the beach.

Here are some of my favorite snow filled photos.



3rd Feb 2014

Mondays : Words to Inspire

Every new year brings space for reflection and I always feel awkward and uncomfortable as I try to figure out what goals and personal growth I would like to take on in the coming year.

I came upon some inspiring words written by Jackson Kiddard that have given me some guidance. I am Daring to be better this year and his words speak truths to keep me on the path. Gentle reminders always help.

Hope you enjoy as his words as much as I did.


8th Jan 2014

Dare 2014

This year I’m daring greatly.

I dare myself to do better and be kinder, by following the golden rule, and treating people the way I would like to be treated.

I dare myself to dream bigger and then to take small steps towards those dreams so they can be realized.

I dare myself to live in the present, to enjoy the small and big moments of the day.

I dare myself to go outside my comfort zone in order to learn and grow, and embrace the fear of failure rather than run from it.

I dare myself to be more gentle and more forgiving with myself and others, especially when things get messy or uncomfortable.

I dare myself to be vulnerable and get into the arena, rather than daydreaming and wishing.

Did you choose a word to be your guide for 2014? Last year I picked Embrace, it was a good fit for a new Mom, a daily reminder to enjoy the moment and this precious time  with our Sweet Pea.

This year I want to show up and make things happen so the word Dare seems appropriate and hopefully it will challenge me. I don’t really do resolutions because like most people I’m great at the beginning and then slowly I just abandon them all and then feel bad. A word is more of a guide along the path, something to keep in mind throughout the year.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope this new year treats you well.



2nd Dec 2013

Snowball Pom Pom Wreath

After seeing a beautiful wool pom pom wreath at Antropologie I knew that I wanted to make my own to hang at home. Making this wreath was super simple with the aid of a pom pom maker that I purchased at Micheals. These are all the supplies required to make this cute wreath:


1 Medium sized Pom Pom Maker

3 balls of cream coloured yarn that is a bulky knit (I used an affordable holiday yarn that had a slight crinkle to it)

1 Metal Wreath Form

How To

1. Make pom poms – check out link if you are confused how the pom pom maker works like I was

2. Leave pom pom center tie off long to be able to tie pom poms onto metal wreath form.

3. Hang and enjoy!



30th Oct 2013

Spooktacular Kid Friendly Halloween Movies

I plan on watching some fun 80′s Halloween themed movies while I carve my pumpkin this year. All these movies are kid friendly, because I’m basically a child at heart when the holidays roll around and I hate scary movies. Once I watched an episode of Unsolved Mysteries about ghosts when I was a teenager and I slept with lights on for months, ya I’m a scaredy cat.



A Jim Henson fantasy with the creepiest muppets I have ever seen, this movie is a story about Gelfling named Jan who needs to restore order in the world by finding a magical crystal.


A classic Steven Spielberg movie. A friendly little alien gets left behind on Earth and he is found by a young boy named Elliot. E.T. and Elliot have to work fast to get E.T. back home before the evil grown-ups try to take him away to study for science.


My husband LOVES this movie! A group of teenagers need to save their home from evil developers who want to demolish it to create a golf course and when they stumble onto a treasure map. So they set out to find the hidden pirate’s treasure. “Hey, you Guys!”


Another fun adventure style movie where Willow a reluctant dwarf is called to duty to save a baby named Elora who’s being chased after by an evil Queen set on destroying her before she can fulfill her destiny.


One of my favorite adventure movies starring David Bowie, do I need to even say anymore?! Sarah a young teenage girl wishes her baby brother Toby would go away to the Goblin King (David Bowie). To get Toby back she needs to complete his Labyrinth before the clock runs out.