Journal Notes


23rd Oct 2013

A Walk in the Fog

maple leaf

Dew drops hanging on to some maple leaves

lady & dog walking

A lady walks her dog through the misty park at Jericho Beach.

spider web

The spider webs were spectacular covered with heavy dew drops, like nets cast over the foliage.

street view in Kitsilano

Trees arch across the street creating tunnels, leaves fall gently to their resting spots and it’s magical.

house in Kitsilano

Sit down and enjoy the foggy scene.


8th Oct 2013

i like autumn

The air is crisp and the sky is bright with sunshine that warms my back, I like autumn. I enjoy layering a scarf around my neck and grabbing a salty caramel mocha when the chill sets in. I spend more time in my kitchen making comforting foods that fill me up and make me feel sleepy as the daylight hours get shorter. It’s the time of year that I allow myself to slow down a bit and sit by lit candles while I enjoy a good book, yep I like autumn.

This weekend we headed to Laity Pumpkin Patch to enjoy a beautiful fall day and bring some pumpkins and gourds home to decorate the mantel. I love all the colour, pattern and textures.


6th Aug 2013

August Break

If you have been wondering why I keep posting photos with words that last few days it is because I am participating in the August Break photography group put on by Susannah Conway. The idea is you take a break and some summer photos for the month of August.

This summer Susannah has provided the group with a word a day for the month and so far it has been a challenge and a gift for me. A challenge because as always I like to think outside the box and do something different than just the first thing that comes to mind when I read the word. It’s also a gift because somedays my brain feels a bit mushy and a word can kick start my thinking and give me a some direction when I lack focus.

Hope you are enjoying this fine August as much as I am. You can follow my summer photo journey here (under the Photography August Break tab), Instagram, Facebook or Flickr. Also if you type in #augustbreak2013 you’ll see the other participants photos on both Instagram and Flickr.


29th Jul 2013

Summer Fun Bucket List

Summer is my favorite season and living in Vancouver (the city of rain), I need to embrace these sunny days and warm evenings before they fade into the fall sunset. Now I don’t know about you but I find it helpful to have a list of fun activities to check off, so I avoid those “what should we do…ummm I don’t know” moments with my husband.

Queue my 2013 Summer Fun Bucket List:

  1. Wake up early to watch the sunrise.
  2. Make homemade lemonade.
  3. Take a road trip.
  4. Star gaze.
  5. Watch an outdoor movie (they are free and happen all over the province of BC check it here).
  6. Make homemade popsicles.
  7. Go for a picnic.
  8. BBQ on the beach.
  9. Watch the sunset.
  10. See some fireworks (Celebration of Light happens July 27th, 31st & August 3rd).
  11. Attend an outdoor yoga class (complimentary or by donation weekly summer yoga classes – Semperviva / Lululemon).
  12. Create my own refreshing summer cocktail.
  13. Make homemade jam.
  14. Try a fun corn on the cob recipe.
  15. Go to my local farmer’s market.
  16. Make a dessert with fresh fruit.
  17. Make a picnic blanket.
  18. Go for a hike in Lynn Valley.
  19. Have a beach fire with s’mores.
  20. Go on a beach getaway.
  21. Eat some fresh local oysters with a yummy crisp glass of white wine.
  22. Swim in the ocean and dip Little Waterfall’s toes in.
  23. Visit a winery.
  24. Have friends over for an evening on our patio to enjoy the sunshine.
  25. Make friendship bracelets.

I’ll post some of my successful Summer Fun stories and photos and please share some of your Summer Fun plans here in the comments. I’m also posting my photos on Instagram so you can follow me @Brandy_Waterfall and add your own photos linking it to #summerbucketlist.


23rd Jul 2013

A Birthday Wish

This year I celebrated my 36th birthday and it brought me back to my 35th birthday where I blew out my candles wishing to be a Mom. Who knew that in the next couple of weeks my wish would come true and our little Waterfall would be on her way to joining us, making us a family of 3. How much a year can change you, uproot your whole being and bring you someone so precious and wonderful, yes this is a new kind of love.

This year I decided to keep my birthday simple, I think after such a BIG year I need to settle into my new role and focus on the present moment as much as possible. There was no big party instead I visited with a few good friends, went to the local farmers market to pick up a yummy beach picnic and had dinner at home with my family followed by a wonderful chocolate raspberry cake made by my ridiculously talented sister-in-law Ellie.

Cheers to another beautiful year rich with new memories and good belly laughs with family & friends!