Music: Adele’s New Video-Someone Like You


30th Sep 2011

Adele’s new video for her song Someone Like You is set in Paris as she walks along the Seine singing about her past lover who broke her heart.  This video is beautifully shot and captures the song so perfectly that I actually felt her pain, heartache and it made my stomach do flips inside itself – a broken heart is the worst because you don’t die from it but it feels like you should some days.

Jeff and I visited Paris a few years ago and spent our days roaming the Seine, and romance is EVERYWHERE in Paris.  I can imagine how Adele feels when she thinks back fondly yet painfully at those days spent with her special someone because I would too.  Fortunately I don’t have to, and I can enjoy those precious memories I have of sharing mille feuille with Jeff at the Louvre surrounded by the most beautiful architecture and design while a violinist played under an archway – sigh this is Paris.  When can I go back?!

Us at the Louvre

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  1. You are an incurable romantic… life is more enjoyable for those of us who see the romance in it.

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