Dreaming of Santorini


14th Aug 2012

Walking towards the cobalt blue sea calling my name. The arches guided me, smooth, white and inviting. Yes I could have stayed if I let myself.

all these vivid blues & whites

All the doorways decorated for my arrival, welcoming and smiling back at me and pots decorated as if everyday here is to be celebrated.

you can look but you dare touch

Only to be admired from afar.

windmill & the caldera view

Pretty windmill perched on the volcanic ash cliff top with the majestic view of the Caldera. I just sat in wonder and silence to enjoy the peace I felt.

olive tree in a cute clay pot

Cute olive tree in a clay pot enjoying the sunshine.

6 Responses

  1. Lovely shots B!
    It was such a treat to spend some time with you guys… and in Thira of all places!
    More time!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous, Brandy. I can’t wait to go and I am sure that I will fall under Santorini’s spell just like you did. xo

  3. thanks Matt, it was so great spend time with u & amy and even more fun doing it on holiday! always need more time, see u again when the snow starts to fly xx

  4. Nicole u will adore it there, it’s gorgeous & so unique!

  5. I want to go to there.

  6. What a gorgeous place.

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