Weekend Getaway: Whidbey Island


12th May 2015

Recently we packed up the car and headed to one of our favorite places for a weekend getaway, Whidbey Island just over the border in Washington. The island is a quaint place and I find that soon as I get there I feel instantly relaxed and happy. We had rented the cutest cottage that is nestled on a thin piece of land that borders a small lake/hillside and on the other side is the big wide open ocean with mountain views – HEAVEN.

When I found the cottage on AirBNB I knew it would be a place that I could stay for weeks on end and be completely content. All weekend I kept thinking how do I bring this feeling of peace and content back to our apartment in Vancouver. Why is it that being somewhere different can invoke all these emotions and connections that seem dulled down and muted in my home? Is it my daily routines that bring me down and make me bored, and how do I shake things up? Do I need new fun pillows for my couch or do I need to just get out of the house more so when I do spend time there it doesn’t feel so limiting.

One of the best features in the cottage was the places available to curl up and read a book, a favorite pastime of mine. There was a built in daybed in the living space that looked out at the hillside and lake, as well as some beach chairs and a hammock to read outside while enjoying the ocean air and sunshine. I had picked up Picnic in Provence a recipe memoir by Elizabeth Bard, it’s a wonderful read that follows a decision to move her family to Provence to lead a simpler life and open an ice cream shop with her husband. Best of all there’s recipes scattered throughout the book, just get ready to be hungry!

The sunsets were fantastic and lit up the cottage in a golden light. The light at this time of year is so beautiful and I love that days just keep getting longer, summer is the best.

We’ve already booked the cottage again in July for my birthday so I have another relaxing and lovely weekend away to look forward to with good friends, and I can’t wait to have another beach side fire under the stars.

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  1. It’s super cute, I can see why you love it! I think one of the reasons you feel happier and more relaxed when you are there is because your life is pared down to the essentials for a few days. It would be nice to have that feeling all the time but it’s not really practical on a daily basis…life seems to require “stuff”. I think that intensity of feeling is due in part because we know that our vacation time is limited so we unconsiously live each moment more fully, and are more mindful of the joy that we experience. We should strive to keep the feeling alive in spite of the daily grind and the weight of responsibility that we all carry. Like the Thai people, we should practice “sanuk”. xo

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