Where’s Summer?


2nd Jul 2012

Canada Day

Okay if you live in Vancouver like I do you have participated in several conversations about the rainy weather we have been dealt instead of the summer we are waiting for.  Thankfully Jeff and I had planned our honeymoon for the late spring where we traveled to Greece and Italy to enjoy their summer already in full swing – yes I still have a tan I am clinging to!

But I finally hit my PLEASE STOP RAINING breaking point this past weekend after keeping a sunny disposition all week prior because I had been willing the weather to get it’s act together, that maybe a bit of rain would fall but eventually the skies would turn blue and sunshine would find us – I was wrong, well kind of.  We did our best and water proofed our camps with the materials we had – thanks Morty for the plastic tarps what a save that was!  As Jeff said “We packed for the weather we wanted not the weather we got.”

Happy Canada Day everyone I hope you found some summer even if the weather tried to dampen your spirits.  Vancouverites this is our week for summer to arrive, I can feel it!

Canada Day

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  1. You certainly ate well, appis and kabobs look amazing.
    We are still in the middle of a heat wave here…will try to send some of it your way. Definitely want sunny skies for you on the 7th! xo

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