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4th Jan 2012

To celebrate 2011 and another year passed, I went through my photos to see what happened in our life together as a newly married couple.  It really was a fun exercise, because life gets so crazy busy and it can pass in a blur, so it was great to stop and reflect.  This isn’t everything but it’s a glimpse at the good bits.  (As you may have read my hard drive took a turn for the worst and died on New Years Eve, so I lost the 2011 photo collage I created for this post, instead I have only the words I wrote and your imagination to guide us.)

  1. Jeff and I went to my hometown, North Bay and spent a few days at the beginning of January with my Mom & Step-Dad – it was cold and icy and I loved it.  We hit up Grecos and had some yummy pizza and we met my cousin Shannon’s children Abby & Liam – awesome! (photo of Waterfront harbor at sunset)
  2. In February we had some warm and sunny weather, so Jeff and I went for a stroll on the beach and found our favorite spot on Kits Beach to have a little quiet moment on the sand. (photo of us lying in the sunshine & sand)
  3. A goal of mine this year was to practice doing vignettes and to work on my photography skills, I was really happy with my improvements.  I love taking photos of food and flowers the most, maybe because I find portraits to be more challenging (goal for the new year perhaps). (photo of some tulips I took practicing my vignettes)
  4. Every spring I look forward to all the cherry blossoms exploding opening to show us a new season is upon us. (photo of the cherry blossoms at Burrard Skytrain station-so lovely)
  5. In May we really started pulling our wedding plans together and one huge step was sending out the beautiful invites my super talented husband created. (photo of me mailing our invites)
  6. Oh the Canucks, they really took our fair city on a wonderful roller coaster of fun and tears!  The playoff run was thrilling and wow my liver hated me for awhile after. (photo of my gals & our Canuck shirts-hot!)
  7. I started a love affair with oysters this summer and could not get enough of them.  One highlight was going to Larabee with our good friends James & Nikie and eating fresh oysters from the sea – they had a cucumber taste it was so strange and great. (photo of fresh oysters & a nice glass of white)
  8. In August we had one crazy busy month full of fun and madness, my girlfriend Nikie and I both had our bacherlettes and I was also a part of her wedding party which was such a honor – fantastic moments. (photo of Nikie & her bridesmaids)
  9. September had to be my favorite month of 2011, Jeff and I got married on a perfect sunny day, on the beach in Delaware in front of some of our most favorite people in the world – it was the best day of my life and I am so blessed to be married to a wonderful man. (photo of us married)
  10. Jeff started playing hockey in the fall and it’s been really great to see him find so much happiness doing it.  Plus I get to sit in the stands and watch him as a proud hockey wife! (photo of Jeff playing hockey)
  11. November was a month of reflection and quiet for me, I spent a lot of time at home reading, cooking and crafting.  I read The Night Circus and I let my imagination run wild with it, such a fun read. (photo of me as a reveur)
  12. I think December is one of my favorite months of year because it’s such a crafty time of year, not to mention I love Christmas music.  This year we had Jeff’s parents with us over the holidays and we had a delightful and relaxing time together.  I also did a fun photo shoot with Jeff to celebrate our first married year together. (photo of us by the Christmas tree under a bunch of paper snowflakes)

So that wraps up 2011 and some of the moments we had together, it was a challenging year full of really big highs and a couple lows that taught us both a lot about ourselves.  I’m looking forward to starting a brand new year with new goals, dreams, challenges, lessons and of course more laughter and love with each other and our family and friends.

We wish you all a Happy New Year with tons of happiness, good health and love. Oh and don’t forget to back up your computer once a month – first lesson of the new year.

our wedding rings
After our civil ceremony we wore our rings for the day.

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  1. It was a good year for you in spite of some of the upsets with the wedding venue. Looking back and taking notes of the highlights is a great idea… often the mental images fade with time and this will bring them back into focus.
    Glad you decided to post this! xo

  2. I agree Nicole it was a good year. I enjoyed going through all my photos and remembering all the happy memories we created and then writing my thoughts down, it was a great exercise.

  3. This is a wonderful idea. I learned from Pat (my step mom) That Daddy and her did this each New Year’s eve- they would dress up – him in his tux she in a gown – make a favourite seafood meal together then enjoy the meal with appropriate Niagara Wine of course and review their year together- They also added – what do we want to keep doing the same and what would like to do differently – as individuals and as a couple – Very enlightened couple – I would say. No wonder they were so happy and so much in love right to his last day.
    PS – I have a beautiful Cherry Tree in my back yard that would love to be photographed by you. Ever get up this way? Love V

  4. Thanks for sharing that story Vikki, I can see him in my mind looking so great in a tux and toasting a new year – I love that he did that.
    I would love to photograph your cherry tree, when they bloom in the city it’s like a million pink and white promises of a new season hanging in the air – so pretty! xx

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