How to: Enjoy the Moment & Fascinators !


29th Apr 2011

For the last week I have been compulsively watching documentaries about the Royal Family and William & Kate’s upcoming wedding and it has really put it into perspective my upcoming BIG little day.  Which brings me to this post, Kate Middleton the Queen of Calm.

Now I don’t know Kate except for the information I have seen on TV in the last week, but from I what I can gather this girl has her stuff together.  Marrying the future King of England comes with a history of bad marriages, scandals, zero privacy, tons of politics and centuries old customs.  Did you know for example that Kate had to get permission from the Queen for the final decision of which dress she wears down isle!  Imagine your fiances Grandmother (not to mention the Queen of England) was the final say in what dress you wore, this seems terrifying to me.  Kate seems to be taking it all in stride though, as you can see in the many photos taken of her over the last few weeks.  She always has a big smile, is laughing and positively glowing when so many others would have fallen under the pressure.  Some girls have been planning their wedding day since they heard their first fairytale story, so it’s no wonder that many brides lose their cool. Which is why it puts it into perspective for me personally, you see I have had a tendency (in the past) to get so stressed/worked up when a special event is coming up, that I end up not truly enjoying the moment for what it is.  It is something I have had to look inward to figure out and  I think it all comes down to not letting it go all to my head and knowing that I CAN embrace happiness – because I deserve it as much as anyone else.  Also when you do stop all the negative thinking things do indeed become so much better and this is so important to keep in focus when planning your wedding.  Let’s just look to the future Princess Catherine, a girl whose every moment is being watched and judged and remember it just doesn’t matter what others think, or if the flowers are wrong all that matters is enjoying the moment and  if she can embrace it under a mountain of pressure – so can I.

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Janelle, Yananun & myself wearing our fascinators!

Side note

Today at work I brought in some homemade fascinators (posh word meaning hat) that I fashioned out of tissue paper to give the girls to wear while we sipped a little glass of champagne & OJ and ate croissants and strawberries (slightly french but equally enjoyable) to toast the new Royal couple – Congratulations William & Kate!

Didn’t she look stunning in her Alexander McQueen designed by Sarah Burton wedding dress – to die for!  I can see it now, just watch for a new trend in bridal wear – long sleeves and lace.  I’m even re-thinking wearing a veil now – so romantic.

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  1. With hats like that… you would think that you are trying to get into the Royal Wedding!

  2. Guess I should have read the article first… apparently that was the point.

  3. Brander I love your facinators, but honey you need to smize!! Love you xo

  4. How cute are those fascinators? I loved seeing all the hats at the wedding XOL

  5. I don’t like hats (as you know) but thinking I could wear a facinator! Love them!

    Also you MUST head back to Seattle and buy yourself a reception dress. Kate’s was almost as equally stunning as her wedding dress.

    I treated myself to Empress Tea yesterday afternoon to celebrate the royal event.

    Love you,

  6. Mom – I agree Kate’s second dress was so simple and elegant. Two outfits to wear sounds fun! Do you know some brides do have a reception gown – I wish. Remember when brides would also have a departing outfit to say their final good bye and then go on their honeymoon -sigh.

    Kimberly – I have spent HOURS in the mirror working on my smize, I guess I need much more practice haha. xx

  7. How about that cute little shrug she wore with her reception gown…you could get one of those to wear for your reception…it can be cool by the water.
    Like you, I really enjoyed watching William and Kate’s wedding. She looked gorgeous as did her sister Pippa. I loved the way William held her hand as they stepped back inside and how she turned to look at the crowd and smiled. She is a very gracious young woman.

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