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20th Sep 2011

our wedding

Well folks we did it, we are husband & wife and I feel a little bit more complete now because we made those promises in front of people we love and respect, it does feel different.  Our wedding day was so perfectly us, it was fun, playful, full of love, exciting, creative, beachy, and it makes my heart burst to think about now (which I do, constantly replaying all those lovely moments).  Just this morning while listening to my Ipod the song I walked down the boardwalk to during our beach ceremony came on and instantly I was transported back to the moment when I saw everyone with their wands waving in the air, then I heard everyone cheering me on and in the distance was Jeff waiting for me…sigh…it was so wonderful.  I never will forget that moment – teared up again just now.

Just like anticipating Christmas day, we have to wait to see our photos that our photographer took (it may take a few weeks), but once we do I promise to post some on my flickr account and here.  In the meantime I have some beautiful beach photos I will share from the morning I awoke at 6am to watch the sunrise on Bethany Beach, it is the best time of day in my opinion – the closest I have come to feeling completely at peace.  Also I want to write a post dedicated to our side trip to New York City and all my favorite places we went while there.

Thanks again to all our family and friends who made the long voyage to Delaware to be with us, you made our day so very special and we love you all so much!  We already miss you! xx

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  1. What was the song playing that brought you back? Set the scene for me baby!
    It sounds like such an idyllic wedding! Congrats lil Brandy xox

  2. We picked You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates, super fun song! It really set the mood and I had this huge smile on my face I’m sure. How can you not! Thanks Mar xx

  3. Was your first dance to “Green Eyes”?

  4. Yes we did dance to Green Eyes by Coldplay as our first dance of the evening and as a married couple.

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