My Summer Wedding Footwear Picks


5th Apr 2011

I have been a tad obsessed with shoes, specifically footwear for my up-coming beach wedding this summer and with all the spring/summer lines coming out it seemed like the perfect time.  Unfortunately I can’t show you my lovely wedding dress (yet), but some of you out there do know what it looks like so opinions are welcome.  Also here are some parameters to help narrow the field.

  1. I don’t want to tower and probably fall over in anything over a 4″ heel.  Seriously how are people wearing those 7″ platforms that are in style?!
  2. The reception is being held at a seafood restaurant that has 2×4′s as flooring, so the heel can’t be too skinny or I may become stuck in the cracks and unable to bust a move – as I surely plan on doing.
  3. I don’t want conventional wedding shoes.  I am not super conventional myself so something fun, interesting with a bit of architecture is what I am aiming for.
  4. Colours – I like corals, marine/navy blues, nudes, gold, platium, light pinks and ivory.  Think beachy.

My picks

Marine Depths Wedges I found from Anthropologie.  These shoes are fun, fall in my colours, and have a cute wedge but might feel a little heavy for a beach wedding.

Champagne & Pink Aillie heels from Steve Madden.  I still love the gladiator style that seems to be going strong, the colours are pretty and they sparkle – always a bonus.  They remind me of sea shells.  Downside is the heel is a bit skinny.

Dreamy Heels by Badgley Mischka.  These heels are beautiful and delicate.  The details in the ivory chiffon and suede petals make them feel light and romantic – like I would be floating on air.  Only downside again is the skinny heel.

Palm Beach Sandals from the Michael by Michael Kors line.  These wedges fall into my nautical beach theme really well.  The braided gold straps have the appearance of ropes while remaining dressy.  The heel also has a nice wedge on it.

Georgine Sandals from J Crew.  Simple, classic design in sea shell pink that feels romantic.  These heels would compliment instead of distract from the main attraction – the dress.  Again my only worry is the skinny heel.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and post your own picks too!

3 Responses

  1. Oooh how fun!
    Before I even read the description, I was drawn to the georgine sandals because they’re not too heavy looking and the colour is so pretty! The lines of the shoe would give you an elegant foot and elongate the look of your leg.
    The marine wedges are a definite no for me as they’re too dark and clunky looking for your dress; they’d be great with rolled up jeans or clam diggers or shorts.
    The others fall in between with the dreamy heels and palm beach wedges as my next picks.
    When you try them on, you’ll see which ones look best on you! xo

  2. How many pairs of shoes does one girl need? The answer seems to be 5.

  3. palm beach sandals look cute! (and safe)

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